Next generation gas transaction management solution for Gathering, Interstate/Intrastate Pipelines, Storage, Utilities and Hubs

Many companies are still using antiquated gas transaction management systems—complicated, monolithic infrastructures that cause delays, and prevent new revenue-generating opportunities by blocking the timely flow of information. If your company is laboring under an outdated gas transaction management system, get ready for the next generation solution to help improve the way you do business.

Entrellisimageter Trellis™ – our state-of-the-art natural gas transaction management solution that enables gas asset companies to integrate and optimize enterprise-wide transactions under a single, easy-to-use business management software platform.  Trellis™ is NAESB compliant and configured for Interstate/Intrastate Pipelines, Hubs, Utilities, Storage, and Gathering companies. Trellis™ is the only secure, cloud-based natural gas transaction management solution on the market today. Because Trellis™ is web based, installed on the cloud or in your own data center, you can access it from your laptop or mobile device—no matter where in the world you or your team happen to be.

Companies who have selected Trellis™:

  • BP
  • Chevron
  • DTE Energy
  • Gaz Métro
  • PG&E
  • Tokyo Gas

Case Story: Succeeding in a Changing Marketplace
Tokyo Gas GPMS Platform Success 

Fully-Integrated Web Platform

Energy companies, both large and small, are turning to Trellis™ to manage the thousands of gas transactions they handle every day. The Trellis™ user-interface is intuitive, and the robust platform quickly adapts to market demands. Unlike many legacy systems, Trellis™ creates a fully-integrated gas management solution that performs seamlessly—even when the key people who know how to use it leave your company. Here’s a shortlist of areas where TRELLIS™ will make a difference for you:

  • NAESB Compliant
  • Configured for Interstate/Intrastate Pipelines, Hubs, Utilities, Storage, and Gathering
  • Customer care
  • Rate Schedule and Contract management
  • Nominations and Scheduling
  • Capacity Management (allocation, release, logistics)
  • Credit and Risk Management
  • Measurement and Allocation
  • Imbalances and Cash Out Management
  • Prior Period Adjustments
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Meter Management
  • EDI
  • Robust Reporting and Dashboard Capabilities

Prepare for growth with Trellis™

Energy companies are quickly growing their asset portfolios, and Trellis™ is a key component in managing that growth. Already adopted by several major energy companies across the U.S., Trellis™ is the next-generation gas transaction management solution that your company needs to truly get ahead in this rapid-growth industry.

Make the bold decision to safely and securely break away from the non-customer focused grip of the current industry solutions, and bring your company to new heights with the next generation gas transaction management solution. If you are responsible for managing your gas company’s transactions, contact us to learn how Trellis™ can help build a better, more secure future for you and your company.


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